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To deliver great results for your marketing activity you need the right tools. Our Martech software enables you to deliver stronger results for your business. You can produce multiple campaigns across various mediums, track, measure and report. Our systems are robust and tested to deliver for you, whether your activity spans email, brochures (online and offline), websites, collateral, you name it. With the power of flexible and secure tech behind your activity you're already one step ahead of the competition.


Greater efficiency is one of the key goals of any business to help drive down costs and deliver enhanced customer experience. Our Martech software is proven to help you reduce expenditure and operate on a much more efficient footing. It will save you time, speeding up campaign launches and development, while at the same time improving your ability to be flexible with your marketing choices.


Digital marketing transformation starts with taking control of all your activity, instead of your marketing agency. Our powerful Martech software puts you firmly in the driving seat, giving you the options of testing activity without spending a fortune. With just a basic level of digital understanding you and your team can test, discover, analyse and refine all your marketing activity using one system, developed specifically for your business needs. It's easy and it will change they way you do business.


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Take control of all your business’ sales and marketing collateral. Our unique technology can help you produce your online and offline activity in house, providing marketing automation that delivers great results, saves you money and puts control back into your hands.



Our Martech has been specifically developed to support all your marketing activity using a single central source data point model. Whether you are producing a digital web-based campaign or high quality brochures/catalogues for viewing both online and in print, our system will support your needs perfectly. BBcomm Content Centre brings together all your on-line and off-line activity in a seamless way, so you can be sure you're maximising efficiency and never compromising on quality. It will dramatically speed up production times and allows your stakeholders more time to work on the things that really make a difference to the success of your business.


Our support packages are flexible and work on the basis of as much or as little as you'd like. We can support you through technical services, training, system maintenance, upgrading or data management, it's really up to you. Alternatively, if you'd like to simply manage your system independently we can arrange that for you as well. Our goal is to provide the initial training you need to ensure you get a great return on your investment. With BBcomm Content Centre your company can finally have complete control over your entire marketing and brochure/catalogue production process.


One central source data point technology that helps you produce material for web content and high quality print source files for brochure material makes our Martech powerful and invaluable when it's in your hands. Its perfect for scenarios where similar (or identical) content is used in different languages for web based material such as pricing guides, product selling and also printed literatures, product brochures etc. It's also a powerful marketing tool, proving information on customer preferences and helping you produce highly personalised targeted promotions. Content Centre tech is proved, reliable and guaranteed to change the way you do business.

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UPS invited BBcomm to develop a bespoke marketing automation solution that cuts production times dramatically, reduces costs significantly and improves management efficiencies. The finalised system manages a template version of each country Service and Tariff Guide for UPS across Europe, Americas and ISMEA, providing a central point for each local office to directly access each version allowing them to correct, amend and add new prices or services instantly. The system automatically creates a  real time HTML web page version and will also create high resolution PDFs for use in print. The result is shorter lead times, production costs slashed, smarter ways of tracking and managing local offices, instant HTML versions of the printed guide available online and the ability to add extra functionalities in the future. Content Centre has transformed the way we work forever.

Heather Bizzel

Director, UPS Europe Region Communications



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